For the Love of Quotes: A Day in the Life Project

We were given a task to create a project inspired by something we did every day. The project was titled “A Day in the Life”

I struggled for a long while because I didn’t want to create the same ole’, same ole’ thing and I wanted it to reflect who I was. I thought long and hard about something I did every single day. As I was thinking I was browsing Pinterest for inspiration when it hit me: quotes. I love quotes. I really love quotes. Especially those beautiful quote pictures. They lift me up when I am feeling down, they make me tear up when someone else “gets it”, they make me laugh, make me think, they introduce me to new thoughts and ideas.

There it was. My project would be to take those quotes that lifted me up and turn them into my own quote pictures and make a big collage with them.

I was determined to use only photos I had taken and that is what I did. Every photo was lovingly retouched and I thought carefully about what the image was saying to me before I decided on one of my favorite quotes or phrases. I didn’t have a photo for every quote I wanted to use so I went about setting up several of them. It was a joy to use old keys and glitter and rhinestones!

[foogallery id=”161″]


Once I had all my quote pictures finished I painstakingly began to arrange them into a collage. It took quite some time to place them just right: to get them to flow together from color to subject to the “feel” of the image.

To finish the project off I wanted to make a bold statement. I found a gorgeous, bold frame with an antique finish to display it in.

I was quite happy with the result and have had, and still have, may compliments on it. It is displayed in my house today and I often pause to be inspired my favorite quotes and places.

a collage of pictures with quotes on them in an antique style frame
A Day in the Life Project


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